Peak detection (First Derivative)

Please start OpenChrom, load a chromatogram and modify the peak detector settings (Menu > Window > Preferences > Chromatography/Spectrometry > Peak Detector > First Derivative Peak Detector).


Run the “First Derivative” peak detector (Menu > Chromatogram > Peak Detectors > First Derivative).


A dialog appears to inform you that perspectives and views are switched automatically. OpenChrom selects the best perspective and views for your to display the data in an optimal way. Please disable the checkbox if you don’t like OpenChrom to do this for you. After peak detection, the “Chromatogram Peaks” perspective is shown.


Afterwards, run the peak integrator (Menu > Chromatogram > Integrators > Integrator Trapezoid > Peak Integrator). Peak detection and integration are separated in OpenChrom. This offers a greater flexibility to analyze chromatograms.


All detected peaks are marked with an inverse triangle in the chromatogram editor.



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